The vision of BYP is to become a major music performance and education hub in the North of Europe, radiating throughout the world. Once BYP is established as a »New Voice in the North«, it will aim to harness its particular energy and approach to a professional orchestra. This Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra will consist of BYP alumni who are immersed in the »Music without Borders« way of thinking and performing, and will provide a stable basis for the operations of the Baltic Music Education System.

 The unique idea of this is to send the musicians of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic Orchestra into the education systems of their  countries, to allow younger musicians and music students to profit from their search for excellence and expressivity. Thus, the musicians would perform, tour and record half the time, and teach the other half. BYP is laying the seeds of this development by starting a series of workshops with BYP musicians in schools and music schools in places where BYP has rehearsals and concerts.