Creating a new voice in the north: music from the region that is rarely performed. New works written especially for the orchestra by composers from the region. Composers’ workshops for today’s young composers, putting the orchestra at their disposal, teaching them to find their own voices. Bringing new music into the world, and finding a new spark in old works. Treating all music like it was written today, for us, for our own spin and take on it. Tapping into one’s own creativity through improvisation and spontaneous music-making. Finding the energy. Channeling the spark.BYP offers a unique teaching situation: Kristjan Järvi’s hand-picked team of coaches not only guide their young instrumentalists through their sectional rehearsals and give them technical help, but are always on hand during full orchestra rehearsals to give feedback and comment on the entire rehearsal process. Thus they convey the full breadth of their professional experience to the young musicians. Intensive recording sessions add another professional aspect to BYP’s comprehensive training. Kristjan Järvi’s holistic approach to music, starting with an awareness of body and mind and focusing on the collective energy and physicality of the orchestra, aims to give the players and the audience a full frontal “collision” with the joy, the rapture and the spirit of music. BYP is a community that allows every member to thrive in his own contribution to a democratic and dedicated collective. This “orchestra boot camp” for the 21st century gives each of its members a head-start in the world of professional music, through an entrepreneurial outlook on their own creative existence.